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    History of the Toquilla Straw Hat

    History of the Paja Toquilla Hat Artisans weaving the authentic Paja Toquilla hats or "Panama Hats" using the traditional method. Where does the Paja Toquilla originate from? The weaving originated in Manabí. In 1630, the indigenous Domingo Chóez combined this raw material with the shape of Spanish hats. The toquilla weaving activity was consolidated in the 17th century when cotton production declined and Europeans began to demand it as a substitute for cloth. The weavers of Montecristi and Jipijapa specialised in the production of hats following the European model. By order of Isabella II In 1859, the Queen of Spain ordered that a company of infantry be organised in Aranjuez, whose daily uniform would have a...

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